Does Game of Thrones season 8’s most shocking scene reveal who the Night King really is?

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While Game of Thrones season eight didn’t open up with the maximum amount bloodshed and gore as we’d have hoped, it wasn’t all performing arts around the Winterfell post. The Night King sent a stomach-churning message midway through the premiere that not solely teases his and also the army of the dead’s close march south, however, might open up the floodgates to 1 of the most effective (and most plausible) theories from Game of Thrones.

So, that poor Umber boy. Don’t keep in mind the bit I’m talking about? You’ll keep in mind items of his body stapled to a wall next to his (not so) lifeless body. He was eventually chargrilled for having the nerve to aim to bite Tormund, however, the hearth unfolds into an attention-grabbing pattern. That’s wherever the key lies.

You see, it shaped an emblem – one we’ve truly seen some times throughout Game of Thrones history. The Night King additionally organized a morbid, Hannibal-esque show of dead bodies therein precise vogue in Game of Thrones season half-dozen, that you’ll see below. It even appeared within the Dragonstone caves in Game of Thrones season seven. But, most strikingly of all, it additionally appearance implausibly kind of like the Targaryen sigil, showcasing a spiral of dragons.


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