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“After” begins with a narrative about how certain moments in life seem to define a person. If there is a defining moment in the life of Tessa Young ( Josephine Langford ), it is a meeting, initially annoying, falls in love, breaks the heart or meets Hardin Scott (Hero Fiennes Tiffin). A film that premieres on April 12 this year in theaters in the United States. Directed by Jenny Gage and written by Susan McMartin and Anna Todd (novel), this drama and romance last approximately 1 hour and 46 minutes.

Tessa is a naïve and inexperienced young woman from the suburbs. He is a guy with an attitude and an image of a bad boy, who is actually just a character wounded under his statements that love doesn’t exist, his occasional outbursts of violence and a body covered by some, say, eclectic tattoos. There is a row of what appear to be guinea pigs with sunglasses on their forearms. Yes, the romance between these two characters is such that it is very easy to get distracted with a tattoo.

The film is adapted from the first book in Anna Todd’s series of novels, which might explain why nothing here seems to be at the level of definition of life promised by the opening voice-over. Like the more recent popular series of such film adaptations, there is not such an isolated story but there are around three main events, culminating in the final promise that future deliveries will give us something more.

Unlike a couple of the most popular examples of such wheeled romances, there are no supernatural creatures or scenes of perverted sex. The most we get here is a bunch of sleepy actors, who might be confused with the undead in certain scenes, and some very polite pre-games.

The story makes Tessa go to college, accompanied by her mother Carol (Selma Blair) and her boyfriend not yet in high school, Noah (Dylan Arnold), who behaves more like a brother to Tessa until she gives him a quick kiss. On the lips as a more disappointing farewell. When that’s the most a soon-to-be-abandoned boyfriend can offer, the silent sensuality of her affair with Hardin seems to be a big step forward.

Those two, by the way, meet when he’s sitting in Tessa’s bedroom, refusing to leave after she gets out of the shower. Later, they enter into a debate about Pride and Prejudice, in which their quarrels are supposed to remind us of the famous couple in that novel. We know because Susan McMartin’s script is explicit about comparison, which is, say, a rather bold association.

The two finally came together about their shared love of fiction books, with Tessa fleeing the possibility of kissing him during a Truth or Dare game, surprised to discover a copy of Wuthering Heights in Hardin’s room. They almost kiss then and there, but instead, their faces simply close side by side. You could probably trace the progress of your relationship in terms of your face floating over different parts of your body.

Things intensify, or maybe not. It’s hard to say if director Jenny Gage is simply constrained by expectations of a romance between young adults, in which all the sexy bits are implicit, or if we’re destined to take the scenes of sensuality to a nominal value, in which case The Couple basically undresses a little more with each encounter before curling up. They have sex, after the skeptical love Hardin asks Tessa to move in with him, and soon after there is an inevitable obstacle in the relationship, which has to do with a couple of hungry friends of Hardin. A lot of pitchers goes on.

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