Aladdin (2019)

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Despite a couple of big stumbles along the way, Guy Ritchie’s action version of Disney’s “Aladdin 4” is in balance a colorful and animated adventure suitable for all ages and a poignant romance with two attractive protagonists. He also has enough creative musical energy to present this story.

There were doubts about this latest Disney animated classics, starting with the first glimpse of WTH, a still photo of Will Smith as the Genius, looking like a Blue Man Group alumnus who now works as a dancer specializing in bachelorette parties. And that clip of Smith singing “Prince Ali” well, let’s say the once Fresh Prince sounded a little simple singing about that particular prince.

Ah, but it’s really not good to prejudge a movie by its trailers or its still photos or any propaganda from that pre-release. Watch the movie, review the movie, that’s the rule.

Smith’s initial appearance, not as funny as the Genie at first makes you doubt, but his performance grows as the story progresses and it’s striking that the Genie befriended a “master” for the first time in all the thousands of years he has been summoned from inside that lamp.

“Aladdin 4” is mainly about the romance between the title character, a humble street thief, and the noble and adorable Princess Jasmine. The handsome Mena Massoud plays the nice Aladdin and the beautiful Naomi Scott plays Jasmine very well are really a winning team.

Abu the monkey is also very good. And the flying carpet is incredible, it gives you the power to have one so you can travel through the clouds.

Director Guy Ritchie, forged about 20 years ago with films like “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch”, does a solid job mixing great pieces, practical effects and the magic of CGI that allows a huge genius to emerge from a brass lamp, a monkey that will become an elephant, and a magic carpet to carry Aladdin and Jasmine across the continent as they sing “A Whole New World” and don’t seem to care in the least that the carpet gets tired or caught in a rainstorm.

Mena Massoud’s Aladdin is a thief and a “street rat” who works in Agrabah’s bazaars, stealing goods and exchanging them for food (which he will give away to the poorest of the poor because he is such a person).

When Aladdin meets Princess Jasmine, she pretends to be her own servant, but once Aladdin makes a visit to the castle (who is very good at using parkour-like movements to sneak between guards and so on), he finally finds out the truth.

They have chemistry between them, their attraction is mutual, but the laws of the country say that Jasmine should marry a prince. If only there was a way for Aladdin to become a prince.

But you know the deal. Aladdin rubs that magic lamp, and the Genie comes out, ready to grant three wishes.

Will Smith’s first appearance as the Genius is a disaster, with Ritchie leaning too far into special effects pyrotechnics, resulting in a manic scene with multiple Geniuses. Eventually, however, he comes to like this Genius, who has a great fraternal interest in Aladdin and wants to see this boy make the right decisions through the right desires.

Marwan Kenzari grunts like the villain Jafar, while Nasim Pedrad is nice and funny as Jasmine’s servant and best friend, Dalia, who falls in love with the Genius without knowing he is a genius. Billy Magnussen plays a new character, the boring Prince Anders of the kingdom of Skanland, who simply disappears from the film, perhaps because it wasn’t necessary in the first place.

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