Captain Marvel (2019)


For a long time, we have heard of such named and famous superheroes and how to forget the handsome Captain America, Thor, Iron Man among others. All of them, men who have done everything to save the world from the villains because we see how with their gallantry face thousands of problems, but still emerge victorious from all persecution of evil villains. While we must mention are beings based on those comics, but still have stolen our heart and admiration, since we appreciate how to join battles and keep us safe.

For years and years, heroes have fought in defense of humanity, but for now, we can not leave women aside, because we have to highlight the role as heroines because they are battlers, brave and seek at all times the good. It is for this reason that for this occasion we will enjoy the strong and beautiful Captain Marvel, a girl who dedicates her life in defense of the planet, something of which we can emphasize is that the women have created a mark in the history like the men. These are superheroines full of qualities.

This magnificent production is produced by the famous company Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, both companies who have dedicated themselves to bring us to the big screen filming of unique heroes, full of action and suspense and for this occasion will not be the exception, it is expected to be well received by all fans of our heroes, as this film highlights the role of women in the world.

On the other hand, we must highlight the great creator of this comic, his name is Roy Thomas who is known for being a scriptwriter and editor of a variety of comics, was who took the place of Stan Lee after his death, because today is the editor-in-chief of Marvel. This story was based on the heroine named Carol Danvers because it was one of the many productions made in comics in which this company stands out comic production.

Premiered in 2019, will have a total duration of 124 minutes, time in which we can enjoy a woman determined to defend the planet and recover their memories of his past life. As this filming dates back to 1995, with the story of a pilot of the U.S. Air Force, who is involved in a terrible war against alien races who seek to destroy the planet earth, all this will be a terrible intergalactic war.

When all these terrible facts happen, this typical woman is turned into a heroine and now part of a mysterious race because they have powers, they are invincible and very strong. But all her memories are erased, but even if you know it was from her past, you will have to find out who she is and why she is different from other women. Although this film will be different from all the other productions since in it we will see how the course of the Marvel company changes because it brings us a different time by bringing us the past and modernity in a single production.

It is important to mention that the fans expect to enjoy an excellent production with many action scenes and visual effects, because it has been mentioned that we will be able to enjoy it in 4D and totally in HD, although it is expected to meet the expectations of the many productions of Marvel, because they have always shown us their talent and this will not be different, to have an incredible cast.

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themoviedb : www.themoviedb.org
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Quality : BLURAY
INFO SOURCE : en.wikipedia.org
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Runtime : 2H3Min
Language : English
Genres : Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Category : Hollywood Movies Torrent


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