Hellboy (2019)

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“Hellboy” in its third installment comes to be released on April 12 this year in theaters in the United States. Again with its genres of action, adventure and fantasy are written by Andrew Cosby and its creator Mike Mignola. It has a duration of approximately two hours for the enjoyment of the fans who have won this red character.

David Harbour will be in charge of playing this character, along with the great actress famous for her films “Resident Evil” and “The Fifth Element” Mila Jovovovich, we will also enjoy Ian McShane as Professor Broom, among other great actors known.

Although the precise details of his arrival on Earth are unknown, Hellboy was adopted by a human who raised him as his son and trained him to be part of the Paranormal Research and Defense Office, an organization dedicated to fighting the supernatural threats that endanger humanity.

Hellboy (David Harbour) began the film decades ago as an active agent. Although he was born in the last days of the Second World War, he is little more than a young adult for demonic patrons, something that reflects his usual character.

But although he was raised among humans, he still feels like a pariah who is feared and hated for his infernal origin, which many see as one of the same threats they fight. Without counting the prophecy that puts him in the center of an apocalypse destined to destroy the earth and open the gates of hell for demons to walk freely.

Meanwhile, the apocalypse she must face is the one that promises to bring an ancient and powerful witch who hopes to return to life since she was dismembered by King Arthur five centuries ago. Coincidentally in England, he is invited by a local organization similar to his own. Hellboy discovers that a creature he faced in the past is recovering the pieces of the witch to resurrect her and give the monsters the power they need to leave the shadows and recover the land from which they were expelled by humanity.

Hellboy’s films won’t be great but they were good enough for fans to expect a sequel rather than a reboot. Decision surely made thinking about rejuvenating the cast, so that they can bank a couple of movies more from here on out. The new proposal is not so different from the previous one as to need to start from scratch again, even if you notice the intention of looking for a darker and anti-heroic tone, accompanied by some good liters of blood that Del Toro lacked.

Overriding that, it includes a dose of humor that is almost always out of tune as basic or childish, with word games that are difficult to translate and answers that try to be acidic or ingenious but stay in the way. Nor does the cast add much to the proposal: although it is not failed, it does not leave anything too memorable and even the villain is faded in her apparitions.

The bad relationship with his human father and identity conflicts become present again, with the always latent decision to rebel against the destiny assigned to him or to yield to him. But everything in such a superficial way that it never feels like a real problem to be solved, just something more to give volume to a fairly linear plot even though I try to open lateral threads that don’t go very far, leaving the action scenes as the most interesting parts: although the special effects play against them, they end up being the most entertaining part of the film, even though they are almost never important for a plot that ends up being much more generic than it deserved.

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