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Shazam, who is also known as Captain Marvel, or the adventures of Captain Marvel is the new DC Comics movie, and although it seems incredible by the name given to him for 1940, it is true, was a super popular character for that decade, and told the story of a child who when pronouncing the word Shazam had the ability to become a superhero with great potential for fighting, although in other versions it was known that the words could be Achilles, Solomon, Mercury, among other words considered as gods.

It should be noted that this company was who gave the impetus to this character, however, the name belongs to the company Marvel, so this could not be the name for this film, it would be too obvious.

This year 2019 its new version is released, a fresher version that promises to leave us astonished not only with the story, but with the cast that heads it, for his character of young boy Billy Batson we will have the beautiful Asher Angel, an actor of Disney Channel origin who worked in the series Andi Mack, for the character instead, we will have Zachary Levi who will delight us with his athletic body, because DC Comics does not want to stay behind, putting to work the bodies of his superheroes, also as other characters we will see actors like Gracen Fulton, Jovan Armand, Djimon Hounsou, Mark Strong, among others.

This film is scheduled to be released on the big screen on April 5, 2019, in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D formats. It was previously considered for the forties as a series of action and comedy, but this type of film has taken a turnaround, so we know there will be action, but no more from there.

DC Comics has done an excellent job with these adaptations, and sample of it is the film Aquaman and Wonder Woman who have had an excellent story, with great actors and an impeccable script, and although many people have criticized being a little predictable, it is to be assumed since this is based on the comic strips that many had already read thousands of times.

DC Comics has a great job ahead, currently is not the only one in making films of this kind, we have at par, perhaps somewhat ahead of the giant Marvel, which has cunningly known how to co-relate each of its films leaving us open mouth with the people who have been gradually incorporated and that by what has been heard of his new film of the Avengers, there are many viewers divided between DC Comics and the Marvel Company, but no doubt is not a question of dividing, but to enjoy the good that offers us these great powers in the cinema.

Shazam! tells the story of Billy Batson, a fourteen-year-old boy who has behavioral problems, he lives in the city of Philadelphia who has been moved to a new foster home, to tell the truth, is 7th on his list, with the Vasquez Family who has 5 others on his list. One day Billy decides to go in the subway car but magically is transported to a magical world where he is given powers by a strange magician, so along with his new brother, Freddy must discover their skills.

Shazam! Torrent

Shazam! Torrent :


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