Alita: Battle Angel (2019)


“Alita: Angel de Combate” is a film that will be released on February 14 of this year in the United States. It has a duration of 2 hours and two minutes approximately. It presents the genres of Action, Adventure, and Romance. It is based on the novel by Yukito Kishiro called “Gunnm” and was written this time by James Cameron, Laeta Kalogridis, and Robert Rodriguez.

Since it is based on a novel, this story is practically known. It begins with an experienced cybernetics doctor, who finds the remains of a cyborg with a human brain in a garbage dump, and ingeniously adapts a body so that it can come back to life with it. As you can imagine, the young woman found when she woke up finds herself not recognizing anyone, not even herself, much less not knowing what happened before she got there. She only recognizes her great abilities for melee combat and has a world to discover in front of her. A universe with an iron city inhabited by the underprivileged and in the clouds a city inhabited by the fortunate. No one living in the so-called iron city can try, nor imagine reaching the dreamed world of clouds. And in all this situation, she has the task of discovering who she is and where she is located in this world.

The character Alita is one of the greatest virtues and at the same time the greatest defects of the film. It is important that fans quickly recognize the character of the film, what are her movements, her physical appearance and everything that has to do with her, and also manage to get it with a character that, even when his features were created by a computer, this has a realism of humanity that is enough for us to recognize it in many moments. But within all that realism we must also mention at the same time that in spite of all her personality and features, she will continue to be seen as a created character who is facing real humans and will not be able to change that in any way technology.

The rest of the cast defends themselves with dignity and does the work in an acceptable way, for example, Eissa Gonzalez who plays the character of Nyssiana, Mahershala Ali as Vector and Jennifer Connelly who plays Chiren, but they are not the problem of the film. In the development of the delivery, we can enjoy great effects, great action scenes, good music, but without focusing on the editing, we can see some common problems of Rodriguez. The story starts in an accelerated way, even bringing out smiles in the audience, until a moment comes when the story takes a course (not everything is lightened), and will keep us eager to continue seeing it as it becomes a good entertainment at a certain point in time despite their atrocities in the script. On second thought, the question arises as to how it would have been if it had been directed by James Cameron and not Robert Rodriguez.

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Quality : BLURAY
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Runtime : 2H2Min
Language : English
Genres : Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
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