Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019)


For all fans of Pokémon, has already reached the screen “Pokemon the Detective Pikachu” is a film directed by Rob Latterman and co-written by Nicole Perlman, is the genre of fantasy and adventure, inspired by the video game that has the same name, this adaptation of the game will be the first film of this franchise produced live. In its cast, we have the great Ryan Reyolds giving us the voice for detective Pikachu. It was released on the big screen on May 10 this year, and promises to be a lot of fun for both grown-ups and kids, followers of all this infinite Pokemon world. At last our friends live together with human beings in a harmonious way.

In this film transports us directly to the Pokemon universe, where Tim Goodman who is an ex-coach and son of the renowned coach and detective Harry Goodman live. It turns out that the detective had a horrible and strange car accident, as a result, the detective supposedly dies, but it is believed that he can only have disappeared in strange circumstances, the events are not clear enough and that is when Tim comes to meet Detective Pikachu in Ryme City, to find out what happened to his father. Tim manages to understand the detective (it is that not everyone has the virtue of being able to understand these small beings), and decide to join forces against their will in order to investigate what really happened, it gets a little complicated because the detective suffers from temporary amnesia, and is not clear what exactly happened in the accident. Tim wants to find his father and discover the great mystery of the disappearance that surrounds him, they must pursue all the pitas in Ramy City, in this search they find a forceful threat for the universe of the Pokémon and they will have to fight against it, happening through many actions, adventures and the best thing that you will see many pokémones that will join with our friends in this great adventure.

Turning this film into an excellent story that not even the director Rob Letterman could have imagined, and is that the plot that records a great robbery, a robbery that could be applauded by Shakespeare himself, for which he assured that the geniuses did not imitate. Although we’re not going to say that it’s the best film, if it’s a good one, it’s an excellent adaptation of a video game.

The best thing about this film “Pokemon Detective Pikachu” is a sign that it is not impossible to make a good film inspired by a video game, just set real goals, humble goals, and apply the most important thing a good script with good actors. Actors who despite not being recognized at all, that does not prevent them from having achieved that the film is good, really did a good job. And it must have been very good to fit into the world of Pokemon, who has had a long career in television series and has managed to impact millions of viewers. Turning this film into a great alternative for many parents who want to take their children to see a good film with a good factor of tenderness.

In the end, “Pokemon Detective Pikachu” is a great colorful journey, in which is made with much love and great attention to every detail, a film that insists on bringing us smiles from the smallest to the most adult, in addition, that, despite being a film that is based on video game does not separate that audience that is exempt from those who have not even remotely seen a Pokemon.

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