Rocketman (2019)


This fantastic vision of musician Elton John is closer to the unconventional biography of Bob Dylan I’m Not There than to a direct chronicle, which is undoubtedly what the unconventional artist at his center wanted him to be. The story reorganizes reality, especially time and facts, and the film is more pleasing to him. Instead of a painting by numbers, director Dexter Fletcher (Eddie the Eagle) and screenwriter Lee Hall (Billy Elliot) draw outside the lines, zigzagging through John’s (Taron Egerton’s) memories as he tries to make sense of them during a rehabilitation season in 1990.

With its parade of hit songs that serve as narrative flashpoints, the film feels like an on-screen adaptation of an extravagant stage musical. This makes sense on multiple thematic levels and from a creative point of view: Hall also wrote the book and lyrics by Billy Elliot the Musical, while John wrote the music. Like John’s best-known earworms, the film is exaggerated and, at the same time, contagious and endearing. With Richard Madden, Jamie Bell, and Bryce Dallas Howard.

After all, they are both stories about two immensely influential and extravagant musical icons. Both share a director (Dexter Fletcher did a non-accredited rescue job in the biopic Queen). Both have a Game of Thrones actor representing manager John Reid. But the similarities stop there.

Rocketman is a celebration of one man’s journey to happiness told through Elton John’s hits. But instead of following the typical race chronology, here they are used as narrative devices. This method works well as some events defy reality. Told through John’s eyes, it is an exaggerated bundle of fuss, glare, blush, feathers, and demons.

John’s story alone would be entertaining enough. He has accomplished many incredible feats: he went from Reginald Dwight, a child prodigy of the fat piano, from the English working class to the international megastar Elton Hercules John, who sold more than 300 million records and was responsible at one time for 5% of all the music sold on the planet.

This film really works thanks to the electrifying performance of Taron Egerton. And yes, it’s him singing.

While Egerton removes the rock star’s movements and excess, it also brings enormous sadness and loneliness when the elaborate costumes and fantasy glasses are removed.

Framed by a group therapy session -Egerton bursting into an orange dress with devil’s sequins – the film narrates his private life. From his father’s rejection, through his success in the 1970s, to John’s nadir of self-destruction, through all the pills and drinks available. It could be said that John was at his lowest when he was at his peak.

Egerton has the strong support of Jamie Bell, who stands out for his generous and subtle acting as John’s friend and lyricist, Bernie Taupin. Richard Madden is perfectly sinister as John’s manipulative lover and manager, John Reid.

Rocketman has been John’s exciting project for more than two decades. Part trite, part fantastic, director Fletcher still manages to fill the film with humanity. So if you’re a fan of this music icon, don’t hesitate to look at his biography, the actor is excellent and does his performance very well, you’ll be delighted and if you missed any concerts here you’ll be able to enjoy some of them.

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